Sankt Anton

Sankt Anton ski map

Sankt Anton am Arlberg is a village in Tyrol.  It belongs to Arlberg ski area that offers 94 gondola lifts, 340 km of pistes and 200 km of free-ride deep-snow pistes. Sankt Anton is the most popular ski resort in the Arlberg area. It is included in the union of the best ski resorts – «The Best of the Alps»  and is in the top-10 in Europe for off-piste skiing.

Arlberg ski area consists of such famous ski resorts as St. Anton, St. Christoph, Lech, Zürs and Stuben. The history of mountain skiing goes far back to the twilights of old times. Probably exactly here an ancient man first in his life tied wooden planks to his feet and with a loud “Yooo-hooo!” rushed down some slope. The first in history ski competition in downhill took place here, in Sankt Anton, and the first ski school was opened also here in 1922.

Nowadays this area is a host for international competitions and world cup championships. The Arlberg ski region announces itself as one of the best areas for off-piste skiing.

You can ski around the whole area with one ski-pass. St. Anton and St. Christoph are connected to each other with a common ski lift system, and to Lech and Zürs one should go by bus. The Arlberg ski region is probably the only one that keeps colors of pistes on ski maps according to reality. Which means that a red ski piste is really a red one and a blue piste is rather closer to a red piste than to green one. If you are a newbie on the slope – be careful with planning your routs.

Skiers and snowboarders start actively visit  this area from November, and the tourist flood don’t stop until may.

Arlberg ski region covers 50 km² and goes up to 1.500 meters, reaching the highest peak of the area – the mountain Valluga (2.811 meters).

Ski map of Arlbergs ski area:

Arlberg ski area map

Sankt Anton

How to get to Sant Anton:

Closest airports: Innsbruck (100 km), Friedrichshafen (150 km), Zürich (200 km), München (250 км) and Salzburg (300 km).

Railroad station is located in the center of Sankt Anton, all international trains make a stop there.

Sankt Anton


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