Guide to the slopes of Sankt Anton

Sankt Anton white ring

The most remarkable feature of Sankt Anton is wide variety of pistes for advanced skier. But even you have no experience it’s still may happen to be the right place to choose. My brother second time in his life stand on the snowboard and in a week just flied as well as those that had a couple of seasons behind. Also I was glad that the red pistes here are rather red than blue ones. At least it’s difficult to brake there because of slope inclination.

Now I’ll describe a bit the ski areas in Sankt Anton. But keep in mind that all 11 days that we were there it was very sunny, and before our arrival it was the same amount of sunny days.

So I’m starting.

Common length of pistes is 156 km.
53 km – blue pistes (middle level).
65 km – red pistes (difficult).
38 km – black pistes (very difficult).

1. The ski area from Gampen to Sankt Anton.
“Bad” in my rating. Ordinary steep and not very steep pistes that change width from 5 to 50 meters. Very many people.

I would recommend to ski only during first half an hour after opening of ski lift-lifts. In the end of day it’s just a horrifying horror on the slope – the bumps are growing up to half a meter, ice between bumps and the crowd of people, also many skiers like to rest at unpredictable places.

2. From Kapall to Gampen.
“Good” in my rating.
It’s a bit more interesting here. Less people, more wide slopes.But be careful with ski-route 33. I was such a fool that dared to ski down there. The slope was almost without snow until the very ground, just icy crust on which it’s extremely difficult to ski without falling.
Ski edge don’t have any grip, legs become tired (even if one has good physical training). Once I rolled over there and flied down for 40 meters as it was impossible to stop falling. I managed to brake only 5 meters before a little river that was not fenced at all. Well, I was lucky that time. So that was the most unpleasant downhill during my vacation.

Sankt Anton

3. Galzig is the central area over St.Anton. “Good” in my rating.
From here starts very pleasant and relaxing 5th ski-route (wide as a football field) and a ifficult and demanding attention black ski-route №2, that merges with the blue piste №1. This blue piste turns into a kind of awfull mogul slope in the evenings. My resume is that one can ski at this area with pleasure only if no to go down the 1st ski-route. The big minus of this area is giant queues to ski-lift that starts from the bottom of 2nd ski-route.

4. Schindler Spitze – good lookout point.
Rating: Excellent.
From here starts only one ski-route – but the perfect one! Fast, wide, straight. Only in the very beginning it makes the 90-degree turn. And what excellent views are opening in front of you from the ski-lift that goes up the mountain!
I liked very much that one can get to the very bottom (Alpe Rauz) with speed 40-60 km/hour without braking and this pleasure can lasts for 5 minutes. After such downhill legs start to feel pleasant pain from tiredness.

If you got down to Alpe Rauz, you can take a free bus to Zurs and Lech. Usually there are big queues to buses, but I always managed to force myself in the bus.
If one lives in St. Anton then it’s better to return to bus-stop at 15 o’clock to get back.

Sankt Anton

5. Zurs, Trittkopf.
Rating: Good.
The only minus is that the ski-lift goes rarely, but in all other respects the skiing is very good. You ill find there wide variety of ski-routes with a lot of 120 and 150 grades sharp turns. There are both broad and narrow turns there.

Here we finally found the only off-piste area which we couldn’t find in any other places during the whole vacation And this free-ride area was really cool one!.
After going from gondola we climbed through between the building and the vertical wall, there started a path up towards not working ski-lift. There only poles remained, no t-bars. Climbing about 50 meters up we used to ski down the opposite from ski-station direction. There were 2 snow cornices and the narrow canyon with a steep slope. After
the cornice there is 500 meters of free-ride area with untouched snow started and it was a real feast for us! This downhill skiing was one of the best during all the time in St.Anton.

6. Lech, Schlegelkopt.
Rating: Good.
I didn’t ski there that much, mostly used this point for changing ski-lifts to get higher.
From this point you can get to the good snow-park. Use the right ski-lift when you need to get up!

7. Lech, Kreigerhorn.
Rating: Good.
Didn’t remember anything remarkable. Used it also as a transition point.

8. Lech, Zuger Hochlicht.
Rating: Good.
First of all thanks for the ski-route 50. That was cool!
Secondly – if you don’t turn towards Zuger Horn, then it seems that you can get a good
opportunity for off-piste skiing. But we didn’t have time to try it.
In general this zone reminds areas around Sankt Anton, but it seems that there is not that much people here and the whole ski area seems to be bigger.

We have spent 2 days for Lech and Zurs. I got an impression that one should go there only if you already got a bit bored of the main ski-routes. And additionally everything is 1,5 times more expensive there than in other places.

And now I would like to return to “our” ski area.

9. Rendl.
Rating: Excellent.
In general all this ski area evokes the best feelings. And as I got to know later – the local skiers also prefer this area most of all. The cause is – wide, moderately steep and interesting slopes. When you ski down the piste you can see frozen waterfalls on the right side. And close to ski lift there is a big snow-park where crazy teenagers rotate their flips in jump and other tricks.

Ski-routes R2 and R2 designed as a short but steep route.
The R11 piste became my favorite. There are very pleasant turns that give opportunity to jump. The only thing to complain is the slow ski-lift. But from other side these 5 minutes in sun, among fir-trees, help to meditate and dwell about different stuff.
It may seem strange, but it’s possible to ski along this short route the whole day. And in the afternoon the sun shines over slope untill the last moment, and the views around are wonderful.

Sankt Anton

10. Stuben.
Rating: Good.
Something between Rendl and Schindler Spitze. But not have all benefits of neither first or second one. That’s why it’s abit lower in my personal rating.
Also I personally didn’t like that the most part of the piste is lying in a shadow.
It will take about 1 hour to explore everything there.

After the great skiing day you will for sure take the 4th ski-route to return back to Sankt Anton. It’s very funny ski-route, especially in the evening. It’s designed according to the idea “from bigger to smaller” – in the beginning it’s so wide that one can’t see the edges of it and afterwards it turns into the narrow road in the canyon. Well, canyon – it is maybe an exaggeration, but the walls are covered with snow and all here looks like a kind of half-pipe. I tried to ski so – from side to side – and scared away everyone that skied nearby. they were not ready for my tricks.
In the evening the piste is covered with bumps, snowboarders hate them, but having skis on one’s feet makes this fight with obstacles relatively funny.

11. Valuga – 2811 m.
Almost forgot about the highest peak in Sankt Anton. One need to change 3 ski-lifts to get there. The biggest queue is to the second ski-lift. Best of all to come after midday there, as at this time less people wish to get to the peak.
There is a view-point on the mountain from where one can see all the area around. There are benches where you can sit and drink coffee. It worth to visit it once, you actually will have not much lost if you skip visiting it by some reason. There are peaks higher in the world.

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